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One GORGEOUS Female is Available As A Pet-SOLD!!!

Brinks at four weeks old

“Brinks”  is going to be a VERY large female like her mother  Pinkie Pie.  She resembles her mom in many ways, but she is a bit darker in color like her famous Daddy “Randi”.    She has a massive head and body.  She is as sweet as they come and is going to make soemone a very special friend.

Brinks and her sister "Peanut"

She is just 5 weeks old, and will be ready to go in three weeks!


Pinkie Pie is EXPECTING!!!


CH Bruin's Pinkie Pie

Steve and I have worked sooo hard to build a breeding program we are proud of.  We breed for generations down the line; always looking to the future and what the next step could bring!  Pinkie Pie bred to Rozeldogue Templeson is just that! A HUGE step in the rigth direction. Pinkie is a daughter of Rolex and Uxy Pugsy(another breeding I had dreamed of happening!). She has so much type in  her heavy, low body style. Pink has a WONDERFUL deep front and big bones.  Her head, for what I like, is second to NONE; and for 150 pound female she is a moving FOOL!  She has a wonderful and very charismatic personality…she has never met a stranger in dogs or humans.

Add all that to one of the All time top winning dogues in the UK, Rozeldogue Templeson. Randi is one of the most soundly structured DDB I have ever seen. His body is nearly un-faultable.  He is low to the ground,

INT CH Rozeldogue Templeson a.k.a. "Randi" will be the sire to our upcoming litters!

 with a great spring of rib, a BEAUTIFUL well laid back-straight front.  Tight cat feet, short hocks, FABULOUS turn of stifle, a PERFECT-STRONG top-line and to top it off he has a very typey and very WIDE head and skull.  Randi is very much a low profile dog in personality.  He is an easy come-easy go kind of guy, a wonderful dog to have around and his dark mahogany color makes him a REAL standout.


Needless to say we are just thrilled about this breeding.  We only breed once or twice a year and our puppies are socialized to death!  If you are looking for your new BEST FRIEND, it might be in this litter.  Please contact me for details.

Puppies are here!!!

We have two STUNNING boys available from our Tuesday x Bachelor breeding. We did this breeding for the gorgeous, type, health, and mass that is behind these pups on both sides of the pedigree.  These babies are particularly special as they carry all of our foundation dogues in their pedigree and it is our first “second generation Bruin” litter.  These two boys are exceptional and will make WONDERFUL pets. 

We may consider letting “Friday” go to a show home on a co-ownership contract.  “Big Ben” is going to be a beast of a puppy with a HUGE head and a very mellow temperment!

Please see “Tuesday” and “Bachelor” on their own pages…you can also see Uxy Pugsy who is the Great Grandmother on one side of the pedigree and the Grandmother on the other side.  Rolex is the Great Grandsire and Moby De Legeane is the Grandsire on the their Sires side!  WOW!

New Litters Planned!

Thank you Tina and Congrats on your new DDB puppy!  “Rango” has been sold to a FABULOUS pet home and will enjoy obedience training and the life of luxury with his new Mom and Dad as well as an older DDB buddy and a Frenchie too!

We have a brand new litter from Tuesday and Bachelor, we have one male available as a pet from that gorgeous litter!!  Watch for updated pictures!!  Soon we hope to breed Pinkie Pie and C.C. to our new stunning import “Randi”.

INT CH Rozeldogue Templeson a.k.a. "Randi" will be the sire to our upcoming litters!

Please contact me to get on our wait list if you are interested in on eof these upcoming litters!

Spring is in the Air!!!!!!!

He has a WONDERFUL mug!!

Spring has arrived here at Bruin Bordeaux and we look forward to our breeding plans!  We have a WONDERFUL son of Bachelor(see his page under males) FOR SALE. “Rango” is going to make a WONDERFUL family member, he is sweet and very very handsome!!  He was our pick puppy back from our first litter by Bachelor our of a Riverbend female(owned by Jody Walls in Wa). His pedigree SCREAMS quality and it shows. 

“Rango” is 13 weeks and ready for his new home!  UTD on his shots and wormings and already wonderfully started on house training!  He loves his crate and is generally a very typical, DDB boy…sweet and lovable!

Sweet boy!

Randi has Arrived!!!!

Randi on the MOVE!

Rozeldogue Templesonhas arrived safe and sound and acts like he does this all the time!  Clearly he is well traveled, well cared for, and well loved by Mr. Ben Dunning(and ALL his fans!!) and it shows.  We are over the moon with this boy, who’s pictures just don’t do him justice.


Randi is hard to fault per our standard, he is a low wide SUBSTANCIAL dog, with movement to die for.  He has a large head and wonderful cheek and width to his skull as well.  His striking color makes him a standout for sure.

Randi will be confidently offered at stud while here in the United States, he is here for ONE YEAR, do not miss out of the chance to breed to such a legend and one of the strongest most well put together Dogues I have seen.  You can contact me for details.

Randi is the WINNER of the 2008 Fench Nationals and just recently took Reserve dog for the second time at

Mr. Handsome!

the Prestigious Crufts Dog Show; Randi is the SIRE to the GORGEOUS BOB female “Edna”!  WELL DONE!!!

We also have updated our puppy page.  We have a gorgeous male puppy Sired by Bachelor(his first litter!) available to a GREAT home.  He is show quality, but we are looking for more of a pet home that may be willing to co-own him with us. No

"Rango" -10 weeks

 breeders please.

I think I Can, I think I Can…

Pink's Ad in Modern Molosser Magazines Winter 2011 Issue

We are truly thrilled with some of our up and coming youngsters from our breedings!  We look forward to being able to do some exciting line breedings in the near future; and we feel like we are getting ever so close to getting a consistent look and structure that we are proud of.  We still have a ways to go, but we feel confident we are heading in the right direction!  Often breeders are focusing on one thing or a few things, we have taken a bit harder road of working on ALL things..a bit slower progressing, but we are loving the results!

Our favorite Bruin Girli, Bruin’s Pinkie Pie finished her Championship on 2/26/11!!!  Yea Pinkie!

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the STUNNING male International Champion  Rozeldogue Templeson a.k.a “Randi”… he has far too many BIG accomplishments to list here, but amongst the top is  his 2007 WIN at arguably the most

Rozeldogue Templeson

 prestigous Dogue De Bordeaux show in the word, the French Nationals.  “Randi” will arrive here in mid March, shortly after he competes at the Crufts dog show!  He will be offered at stud while he is here, have a look around at some of his progeny world wide…this boy is an amazing sire!

Extra! Extra!

For Sale: Signore Qwan Grandson!

We have some exciting news and updated pages!  WE have a gorgous young male for sale that is the PERFECT family member and he could also be one of the smartest DDB I have ever known as well as being STUNNINGLY beautiful and sound!  Check out “Chance” under our males page!

We have also updated our planned

Line Breeding on Uxy Pugsy soon to happen!

 breedings!!!!  You won’t want to miss this litter!

Rolex at 5 years old

We have lots of good news to share with you!  Let me start off with announcing that Ch Rhodonite Rolex Emberez earned his Grand Champion status last weekend.  Rolex accomplished that in just three shows.  It is no big surprise that he earned it so quickly, but he DID suprise me with how he met the show ring with such GUSTO!  Ha Ha Ha!  Anyone that has seen Rolex show or met him outside the ring knows what I am speaking of…lets just say in the story about the tortoise and the Hare, he would NOT be the Hare!

Our next GREAT news is the Number One DDB in the UK for 2010 and French

Rozeldogue Templeson

 Nationals Winner Rozeldogue Templeson will be joining us here at Bruin Bordeaux for a short while to be offered at stud and to even further ad to his already impressive accolades in the show ring.  We cannot thank Ben

Rozeldogue Templeson 

 Dunning enough for such a great opportunity to have “Randi” here. We know what this dogue means to him, and we will cherish him just as he does!  Randi, in my opinion is one of the most superb DDB int he world today. He is a dogue that you would be hard pressed to fault in ANY aspect.  He is not only a beautiful, balanced, healthy dogue to see in person; but he consistently gives all of himself and more to his offspring which are currently taking the ring by storm in the UK.  We are looking forward to using Randi on some of our own girls this Spring, we think the pairings we have planned have potential to be our best yet!

Bachelor at 15 months old

In return for sending us his sweet Randi, we will be letting Bachelor take a vacation in the UK a while to go visit Ben.  We know he will enjoy him, and Ben understands the value in Bachelor’s wonderful pedigree.  In preparation for his leaving, we also had his HEART CERTIFIED by a CARDIOLOGIST with an ECHOBachelor passed with flying colors and we are also happy to report that his half sister Bruin’s Pinkie Pie also passed her HEART CERTIFICATION.  Numbers pending…

Check back often for more updated news!!

Stepping Stones…

Bruin's Bachelor- 15 1/2 months old

As CRAZY as he is, I am in awe at this young boys growth for his young age.  He has SOOO many things I am hoping to improve upon including, but not limited to: his wonderful top line, perfect croup, lovely rear angles; all while maintaining good size and overall substance and so much type.  Of course, like his mother and half sister Pinkie Pie…he has that FABULOUS head that Pugsy passes on so strong.  I had to share this picture I caught of him(he is rarely sitting still!) while he watched Steve unload the car with groceries yesterday.  Bachelor is not even 16 months old yet!

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